The skin-like wearable that improves your back


  • Get alerts on your phone to improve your posture.
  • Review reports at home and share with your physician
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With poor posture causing back pain and sitting a chronic health issue, wearables are the new wellness frontier. Fast being adopted through the use of watches and fitness trackers, devices are getting smaller and SuperSpine's skin-thin sensor strip is revolutionary. Our vision is people using wearables for optimal health.

Did you Know?
Every hour you sit down watching TV takes 22 minutes off your life 1
Lower back and neck pain is costing the US $88 Billion dollars a year 2

Everyone knows the bad posture has a negative impact on your health and confidence.

Introducing the world first, low cost adhesive wearable device which helps correct your posture. Simply stick it on your back, track your own progress via the mobile app or with your healthcare practitioner. The skin-like sensor is the first of its kind to have a global patent filed and was developed with Melbourne University.

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